Cost-cutting ways: ELIZE promotions, discounts, and promo codes


The company’s success is that the retailers present not only time-tested beauty-tools but also the latest and the most trending products of the beauty world. The ELIZE catalog is constantly updated, and today you can find the products from more than 200 brands, ranging from the mass market to luxury products, from fairly common to the rarest ones.

To make the shopping experience better and find required products the ELIZE website has several thematic sections: perfumes, makeup, haircare, nail care, homecare, accessories, men’s products, kids’ makeup, and sets. In each section, you can configure search and set more specific parameters, from filtering products by type and price to filtering by brand. Furthermore, on the main menu, you can find special sections as well: promotion of the day and discounts. There you can always view the complete list of promotions and offers to get ELIZE discounts. Deals that can be combined with promo codes deserve special attention. By entering ELIZE promo codes at checkout you can significantly cut the total price of the order or get nice gifts from the company!

About the loyalty program

There is a discount program that is available online at ELIZE and in the retail stores as well. To get the cumulative discount card from the company you have to make a purchase starting from $14 in any of the retailers. The discount starts at 5%. All purchases done using a discount card are summarized, and for every $70 collected your discount rises by 1%. Peak discount on the discount card can be 20%.

You can add a discount card to your account upon registering on ELIZE online store, wherein all the accumulation on your card will be saved. You can also get a discount e-card issued with your first purchase made online, whereas a 5% discount will be already available to apply when placing an order. Please note, that a discount e-card can be only used for orders made on the online store. However, the e-card can be changed to the plastic one in any of the retail stores and the accumulation on the card will be transferred.

Please notice that the discount card is not valid for the sale items at ELIZE!

ELIZE delivery

For orders from $1 to $14 delivery fee is $3, for orders from $15 to $28 delivery fee is $2. Free door-to-door delivery is available for orders starting $30.

Next day delivery is available if the order is made until 7 pm, and for orders made after 7 pm, please allow 1-2 days for delivery. Delivery is carried out daily from 9 am to 10 pm at your convenient time.

Please note, when choosing door-to-door delivery, the total of the order cannot exceed $1400.

Apart from that, you can choose a pickup shipping method to get your order delivered to any of the Boxberry pickup points. For orders from $1 to $14 delivery fee to the pickup points is $3, for orders from $15 to $28 delivery fee is $1. Free delivery to the pickup points is available for orders starting $30.